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                  Buy Solid Wood Dining Table Set 4 Seater from Duraster

                  Enjoy family dinners with a Dining Table Set 4 Seater from our wide range of designs. Find the perfect set to suit your dining room from traditional to modern styles at Duraster. A dining set 4 seater with matching chairs will seat the whole family when needed and can entertain guests when you want to show off your dining room. You can fit the entire family around a large round table. If you'd prefer a square table with matching dining chairs, you'll have a bigger space to spread out and not worry about bumping elbows with guests. Just choose the Dining set you like the look of and add it to your basket.

                  Duraster brings exclusive sets of 4 seater dining table and chairs online to suit every need in the variety of options in the dining set 4 seater collection to assure that you find the right 4 seater dining design for your home. So if you are looking for a traditional style Sheesham wood dining table 4 seater, or a modern wooden 4 seater dining table, we have something for everyone.

                  Latest Modern 4 Seater Dining Table Set Designs

                  Our expert designers at Duraster have beautifully carved a rich combination of solid wood dining set 4 seater designs to complete all your needs. In this century, everyone is determined to choose dining set options due to the small or compact dining area in their living space. At Duraster, we have an extensive and stunning range of room-saving 4 seater wooden dining table set designs, which create an outstanding solution for compact homes.

                  Whether you choose a square-shaped wooden dining table set 4 seater, a rectangle dining table set 4 seater, or a round 4 seater dining table between the family of four members, our wooden dining set will create a focal point in your dining room. Also, emphasizing your home's dining space, the 4-chair dining or 2 chairs and a 2 seater bench dining set will serve you for the decades to come as they are crafted from solid Sheesham, Teak, Acacia, and Mango wood.

                  Marble Top 4 Seater Dining Table Set

                  If you are looking for a luxurious and stylish addition to your dining room, then marble dining table sets and table tops are a great option. Marble is a trendy choice for dining table sets because of its beautiful natural colors. It can easily complement a contemporary, modern vibe and a natural, traditional, or antique look. Thus, it is a piece that can enhance your dining spaces with aesthetics and class. Marble dining sets are durable if it is cared for correctly and consistently. With proper care, marble furniture may outlast every other piece in your home! Marble dining sets are classic and timeless. It always stays in style, even when it's antique. That's because marble furniture has elegance and sophistication that always remains the same.

                  Teak Wood Dining Table Set 4 Seater

                  Looking for a strong and durable Dining Table Set in teak wood? Look no further; Duraster brings you unique collections of 4 seater dining table sets in multiple designs and style options. Teak Wood has a dense, rough design and is heavy, giving 4 Seater Dining Table stability and durability (usually, furniture made from teak wood lasts 50 years or more). Fetched from broad-leaved deciduous trees, teak wood is robust. Thus teak Wood Dining Furniture is known for its strength and durability. Our Teak Wood 4 Seater Dining Sets do not shrink or warp due to different weather conditions. It has higher dimensional strength. It can withstand excessive heat in summer as well as cold in winter. 

                  The natural color and texture look incredible, making 4 Seater Dining Table Set termite resistant. In addition, the oils act as an anti-termite coating, using the wood without polish.

                  Types of 4 Seater Dining Table Set Finishes

                  Honey: The honey color finish is slightly darker than the natural finish; it derives its name from Honey as it is similar to Hone color. This color is the most popular choice for 4 seater dining table sets in India. This finish is slightly yellowish, and the wooden texture is visible to the eyes.

                  Walnut: This type of color finish is the darker color finish. Walnut color is just like the brownish darker color of chocolate. The color is very close to Espresso's, and these colors are used interchangeably on our website. Many people prefer a darker tone for their 4 seater dining sets as they don't look dirty even after the usage for years.

                  Natural: Our naturally finished Dining Table Set 4 Seater will make a beautiful statement in your dining space. Natural finish is the lightest stain finish, and the wood texture is visible. In addition, the naturally finished solid Wood Dining Table Set 4 Seater is more attractive. 

                  Wenge: This Color is medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. The wood can become nearly black upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish). This is a trendy choice for a 4 seater dining set.

                  Dual Tone: Dual Tone is a combination of two colors with white PU + any other finish like Honey, walnut, and natural, which will give our 4 seater Dining Table a more attractive look.

                  Mapple Red: Maple Red is a color finish applied on our 4 seater dining table sets. The finish is typically a deep red color with a slight orange undertone that resembles the color of maple wood when it is freshly cut. It gives a warm and traditional look to a Dining Table Set and can complement various decor styles.

                  Customized Stain & Finish: At Duraster, we offer some of our customized finishes.

                  Types of Wood used available for 4 seater dining Sets

                  Sheesham: Sheesham wood is a type of hardwood commonly used to make our Dining furniture, particularly dining table sets. It has a distinctive, rich grain pattern that ranges from straight to wavy and can vary in color from a pale yellow to a deep red. It is a heavy and dense wood, making it ideal for 4 seater dining table sets.

                  Mango: Mango wood is a hardwood known for its durability, strength, attractive grain, and natural patterns that adds character and warmth to the dining table set. In addition, mango wood is sturdy and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice for a family dining table. 

                  Acacia: Acacia wood is known for its natural resistance to rot, decay, and insect infestation, making it an excellent choice for Dining furniture because of its natural beauty and durability. In addition, the wood has a unique grain pattern that can add visual interest to the 4 Seater Dining Table Set and complement any decor style. 

                  Teak: Teak wood has a unique and attractive grain pattern that is highly sought after, and it has a warm, rich color that ranges from light yellow to deep brown. It is also a durable and robust wood, an excellent choice for making dining table sets.

                  Price of our popular 4 seater dining sets

                  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Dining Table Set 4 Seater

                  What is a good size table for 4 people?

                  The Dining Set 4 seater size can vary according to room size, but it is recommended to have at least 30 inches width for one person. We have multiple size options to choose from, and if you are looking for a customized size, we can offer the same too.

                  What are the different configurations of dining sets available with Duraster?

                  We Offer 4 seater dining sets in the following configurations:

                  a.) Dining Table with 4 Chairs (Square)

                  b.) Dining Table with 2 Chairs & 1 Bench (Rectangle)

                  c.) Dining Table with 4 Chairs (Rectangle)

                  d.) Dining Table with 2 benches (Rectangle)

                  What is the standard size for a 4 seater dining table set?

                  The good size of a dining table set 4 seater at Duraster is 45 L x 30 D x 30 H. A rectangular table at which 4 people can sit comfortably. A lot depends on the size of the available space; ideally, a person requires 30 inches of span.

                  Which shape is best for a 4 seater dining table set?

                  The Round Dining Table is a trending, stylish, and in-demand shape. It is the best as it can fit perfectly in every dining space in any home decor. At a time, 4 to 6 people can easily sit; it also takes less space and maintains a balance in the family as there is no hierarchy of seats. However, people may choose to go for a Square or a Rectangles-shaped dining table set, which is very subjective.

                  Which type of wood is best for a dining table set?

                  We recommend Sheesham Wood because of its sturdy nature and affordability factor.

                  Which type of dining table top is preferred - Glass, Wood & Marble?

                  • Glass table tops are sleek, modern, easy to clean, and can make a small space appear larger.
                  • Wood table tops are warm and traditional in appearance and can be made from various kinds of wood and refinished to look new again.
                  • Marble table tops are elegant and luxurious in appearance but require regular maintenance to prevent staining and damage.

                  Can I order a customized dining set from Dursater?

                  Yes, you can order a customized dining table set. At Duraster, we offer custom furniture options, allowing you to choose the size, style, material, and other specifications of your dining set. In addition, our online configurator helps you customize your set. 

                  What is the ideal height of a dining table?

                  The ideal height of a dining table depends on the height of the chairs that will be used with it and the intended usage of the table. A dining table's standard height is approximately 30 inches (76 cm). This height is considered a pleasing symmetry between comfort and functionality and is suited for most standard dining chairs.

                  What is the preferred seating height for a dining chair?

                  A dining chair's preferred seating height is usually around 20 inches (51 cm) from the floor to the top of the seat. It's important to note that the seat height should match the table height so the chair seat is flush with the tabletop. For example, a standard dining chair seat height is 18 inches (46cm) which works well with standard-height dining tables. 

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