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Duraster New York Modern 2 Seater Wooden Sofa #4
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    Duraster New York Modern 3 Seater Wooden Sofa #1
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      Duraster New York Wooden Sofa Cum Bed #5
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          Buy Wooden Sofa Online at Best Price in India

          Wooden sofas are a traditional and iconic part of any home decor. Wood sofa sets have a rustic charm that never goes out of fashion. The perfect mix of traditional and contemporary designs, a wood sofa adds a touch of rustic romance to your home. You can choose from different wood, stains, and upholstery options to create the perfect look for your living room. Here is an exclusive collection of the world's finest high-quality modern wooden sofas. Select from the different styles and designs offered by us and give a warm and cozy look to your home decor. All sofas are made of superior-quality wood and can easily be assembled. Shop now and find the best modern wooden sofa set for your home.

          Things to Know Before Buying Wooden Sofa Set

          When it comes to buying wooden sofa sets, there are a few things that you need to know to ensure that you make the right choice:

          • You need to consider the type of wood you want for your sofa set. Some popular options include Sheesham, Mango, and Acacia.
          • You need to think about the style and design of the sofa set and the comfort factor. Make sure the sofa set you choose has comfortable seating and a backrest.
          • You need to consider the size and space available in your living room to ensure that the sofa set fits comfortably.

          Types of Used to Make Wooden Sofa 

          Sheesham: Sheesham wood is a common hardwood employed to create furniture for living spaces, including sofa sets. It features a distinct, deep grain pattern that ranges between straight and wavy and may vary in hue from a light yellow to deep red.

          Mango: Mango wood is an extremely solid wood renowned for its toughness, strength, and attractive grain. It also has natural patterns that add authenticity and a warm wood sofa set.

          Acacia: Acacia wood is well-known for its resistance to decay, rot, and insect infestations, making it a great furniture choice for the living area due to its beauty and longevity.

          Range Of Wooden Sofas Online Available On Duraster

          Solid Wood Sofa: Solid wood sofas are the epitome of comfort and style. With their sturdy construction, they are built to last and add a touch of elegance to any room. Plus, with various finishes available, you will find the perfect fit for your home. Invest in a solid wood sofa today and enjoy comfortable and stylish seating for years!

          Upholstered Wooden Sofas: Upholstered Wooden Sofas are a perfect blend of comfort and style. They offer a cozy and warm feel to your living space, making it ideal for relaxation and entertaining guests. With their elegant design and sturdy wooden frame, these sofas are a must-have for any home. They are durable and long-lasting, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication or want a comfortable place to lounge, an Upholstered Wooden Sofa is the way to go.

          Merits Of Wooden Sofas

          • Durability: Wood sofas are made of durable materials that will last a long time and are a great investment in homes.
          • Comfort: Sofas made of wood are designed to offer relaxation and are adorned with comfortable cushions and soft armrests that are ideal for relaxing.
          • Style: Sofas made of wood come in different styles, from contemporary to traditional, that can match any design.
          • Environmentally Friendly: Sofas made of wood are constructed of renewable resources and are an environmentally friendly alternative to other products.
          • Versatility: Wooden sofas are utilized in various places, from living spaces to bedrooms. They can be designed to meet your preferences.
          • Affordable: Sofas made of wood can be a cost-effective alternative to other premium materials, providing a luxury look at less cost.

          Price of our Popular Wooden Sofa Designs

          Product Name


          New York Modern 2 Seater Wooden Sofa 


          Ummed Solid Sheesham wood 3 Seater Sofa


          New York Modern Single Seater Wooden Sofa


          Ummed Modern Wooden Sofa Set 


          Marvel Modern Wooden Sofa Set


          Gangaur 3 Seater Wooden Sofa



          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Wooden Sofa

          What are the advantages of a wood sofa?

          Sofas made of wood are durable, elegant, comfy, ecologically friendly, adaptable, and cost-effective. So, buy one now and enjoy your home's beautiful appearance and feel!

          What is a wood sofa constructed out of?

          A wood sofa is constructed of top-quality solid or engineered wood like hardwoods, Sheesham, Acacia, and Mango and is upholstered with a soft fabric or leather upholstery. This creates a sturdy and elegant feature for any home.

          Do you think a sofa made of wood is heavy?

          A wooden sofa is light. Although they can carry some weight, they're sturdy and provide excellent support, making them an ideal option for families with kids or pets.

          How do you care for the wood sofa?

          To keep a sofa made of wood, clean it using a soft cloth brush regularly, use coasters for drinking on, and keep it out from direct sunlight, humidity, and temperatures to ensure its durability and elegance. With the proper care, the wooden sofa will last a long time!

          Can Wooden sofas be used in a modern style?

          Absolutely! Wooden sofas are available in various styles, from modern to traditional, and you can pick one that best fits your contemporary home decor. From clean lines to distinctive designs, wood sofas can bring sophistication and elegance to any space.

          What kind of wood would be best for a sofa made of wood?

          Solid woods, like Sheesham, Mango, and Acacia, are excellent selections for wood sofas. These durable, strong woods are stable and provide support, which makes them a fantastic option for your home.

          How long can a wooden sofa last?

          A sofa made of wood, if maintained properly, will last for a long time and, sometimes, even for the rest of your life. It's a great investment for your home, offering luxury and style for many years.

          Are wooden sofas comfortable?

          Yes, wood sofas are very comfy! You can relax in comfort and style with comfortable cushions and luxurious armrests. Additionally, the solid wooden frame is a great support for your sitting experience.

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