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Looking for a Dining Table Set 6 Seater for your home? Duraster has many affordable dining sets for 6 for you to choose from. Choose from various styles and designs of glass, wood, and metal Dining Table Set 6 Seater in India. Also, the solid wood dining table set 6 seater furnishes an attractive look to guests and allows you to be an ideal host. At Duraster, our designers give their best to deliver you the best quality collection of modern 6 seater wooden dining table sets online to cherish your dining room. Explore our large selection of dining tables and chairs to find the perfect size dining set and style for your taste.

6 Seater Dining Table Set Designs

A modern 6 seater dining table set is a perfect choice for those who enjoy entertaining guests or have a large family. These sets typically include a spacious rectangular table and six coordinating dining chairs. The designs vary greatly, from sleek and modern to traditional and ornate. Some popular materials include wood, metal, and glass.

One popular design is a wooden 6 seater dining table set with a rich, dark finish and elegant, curved legs. The chairs feature comfortable cushions and a classic design that complements the table. Another popular design is a metal and glass 6 seater dining table set with a sleek, contemporary look. The metal base is sturdy, and the clear glass top provides an open, airy feel.

At Duraster, we have many options for those who prefer a more rustic or natural look. A 6 seater dining table set made of reclaimed wood with a distressed finish and simple, straight legs can give any dining room a cozy and warm feel. Another option could be a modern 6 seater dining table set made of teak wood with intricate carvings and a natural finish, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication. No matter your style or preference, a 6 seater dining table set is a great option for creating a comfortable and inviting space for dining and entertaining.

Types of Wood used available for 6 seater dining Sets

Sheesham: Sheesham wood is a hardwood commonly used to construct our Dining furniture, specifically tables for dining. It is distinguished by its thick grain pattern that varies in straightness to curly and may vary in hue from light yellow to deep red. It is a strong and sturdy wood, which makes it perfect for dining tables with 6 seats. 

Mango: Mango wood is one of the hardwoods well-known for its strength, durability, beautiful grain, attractive color, and natural patterns that give personality and warmth to the dining table. Also, mango wood is strong and durable, making it a great option for a family-friendly dining table.

Acacia: Acacia wood is well-known for its resistance to decay, rot, and insect infestations, making it a great option for dining furniture because of its beauty and strength. Additionally, it has distinct grain patterns that add visual attraction to the 6 Seater Dining Table Set and match any decor style.

Teak: Teak wood is known for its unique and appealing design that's desired as well as an appealing, warm hue that can range from light yellow to deep brown. It's also a sturdy and strong wood, ideal for constructing tables for dining.

Types of 6 Seater Dining Table Set Finishes

Honey Color: The honey has a slightly darker finish than the natural. The name comes from honey since it's like Hone color. It is the most sought-after color for dining tables, with 6 seat tables in India. The color is slightly yellowish, and the wooden texture is evident to the eyes.

Walnut: This kind of color finish has a dark color finish. The walnut color is similar to the darker brownish chocolate color. The color is similar to Espresso, and these shades are interchangeable on our site. Many prefer a darker shade for their dining tables because they will appear clean after years of use.

Natural: Our natural-finished Table Set 4 Seater Dining Table Set 6 Seater will create a stunning statement in your dining room. Natural finishes are the lightest staining, and the wood's grain is evident. Furthermore, the naturally treated wood solid Wood Dining Table Set 6 Seater is attractive.

Wenge: The color is medium-to-dark brown, often with the appearance of yellowish or reddish that is accompanied by black streaks. The wood may transform black when you apply an oil or wood finish (particularly an oil-based finish). This is a fashionable option for a dining table.

Dual Tone: Dual Tone is a mix of two colors, white PU plus any other finish, such as honey, walnut, or natural. It will give our four-seater Dining Table a more attractive design.

Mapple Red: Maple Red is an application of color on our dining tables. The color is usually deep red with a subtle orange undertone, similar to the hue of maple wood when cut fresh. It provides a traditional and warm look to the Dining Table Set and can be a perfect match for various decor styles.

A Custom Stain & Finish: Duraster offers custom-designed stain and finish. In addition, we offer a selection of our custom finishes.

Price of our Popular 6 Seater Dining Sets

Product Name


Novo Distressed Acacia White Dining Set


Vismit Traditional Sheesham Dining Set


Ummed Dining Set 6 Seater


Aristocrat Solid Sheesham Wood 6 Seater Dining Set


Elementary Dining Set 6 Seater


Veena Dining Set 6 Seater with Iron Legs


Florida Vintage Acacia Wood Dining Set


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Dining Table Set 6 Seater

In what shapes does a 6 seater dining table come?

The 6 seater dining table comes in various shapes like rectangular, square, round, oval, octagonal, and extended.

What is a good size for a 6 seater dining table?

Normally, the dining table size should be at least 72 inches long and 36 inches wide to seat 6 people comfortably; however, if you want a larger size, we also provide a customized option.

Is Marble Top the right choice for a 6 seater dining table?

Marble is a beautiful and luxurious material that can make a great choice for a 6 seater dining table top if you are looking for an elegant and durable option.

What are the different configurations of dining sets available with Duraster?

We Offer 6 seater dining sets in the following configurations:

a.) Dining Table with 6 Chairs 

b.) Dining Table with 4 Chairs & 1 Bench

c.) Dining Table with 2 Chairs & 2 Benches 

Can I order a customized dining set from Dursater?

Indeed, you can order a customized dining table set. At Duraster, we offer custom furniture choices, permitting you to pick your dining set's size, style, material, and dimensions.

What is a good size table for 6 people?

A suitable size table for 6 persons is typically rectangular tables that measure about 72 inches long and 36 inches in width. This gives enough room for everyone to take a seat and enough space to eat, and be able to move about the table.

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