Duraster houses its manufacturing in the city that has in last few decades come to be known for being the biggest hub of India for manufacture and export of solid wood artistic furniture - Jodhpur.

It is known that ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and so is true with the art of making something beautiful. The way an artist looks as the logs of wood is not the same way as we do. For us wood is wood, for an artisan, it is his next masterpiece and he devotes all his time and skills into turning it into something marvellous.

These artisans are naturally gifted and have acquired the skills and knowledge being passed on through generations. Craftsmanship is a critical skill in the process, but an artistic view to imagine and design a piece that is beautiful and practical at the same time can only come to a gifted few. 

The Artisans have also been actively learning to work with the latest technology and on heavy machines. With this, the life of a wooden piece increases drastically.

Duraster has partnered with such Artisans from Jodhpur and nearby places to bring to you the authentic and most certainly, unique designs for your furniture.

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