Stains & Finishes

Duraster uses exclusive Made in India Water Based and Solvent Based Stains from - Teknovace Wood Coatings, a renowned German company in the industry and performs the most detailed sanding process of all. Here are the various steps involved in finishing:

Step # 1 : Rubbing

Rubbing is the process of smoothing the raw wood surface to remove the imperfections and rawness of the wood to give your furniture a lustrous view and feel. It gives your furniture an even sheen with our practice of using up to 400 sanding paper in the process.

Step # 2 : Staining

Staining is a necessary step not just to provide the smooth texture and colour but to protect your furniture from light, dust and other damages. TIFC follows all the international standards in the process and uses the best in quality Indian Stains to do so.

Step # 3 : Sealing

Sealing the wood is the next step. This is meant to provide your furniture the life it deserves, that is, a long and healthy life. This process is repeated twice in our factories to ensure proper protection from moisture.

Step # 4 : Lacquering

Lacquering is the final step. This adds durability, attraction and a pleasing touch to your furniture. It is the finishing that takes away the hearts and that is just what this process does to the texture, wood grains, patterns and to the overall look.

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