4 Ways to Create an Instagrammable Living Room

4 Ways to Create an Instagrammable Living Room



Up until a few years ago, while decorating our interiors, we focused on colour palettes and premium furniture. We wanted to ensure that our centrepieces were classy and our room colours were evergreen. Today, while all that might still be true, the focus has shifted to something else. Today, everyone wants an Instagrammable home - the kind, which stands out in pictures and makes for the backdrop of Instagram reels, the kind where you feel like you haven’t tried too hard, the kind where less is more. While it may sound like a lot of work on paper, achieving that Instagrammable look is possible. In this article, we cover ways to have that perfect Insta-worthy living room:



  1. Choose subdued colours:


All white is a common theme in today’s home decor. But it may not appeal to all. So, you can add colours that are subdued yet classy. Some popular options are olive green, beige, pastels, etc. If you do opt for a darker colour, ensure you don’t use that for all walls, and leave some in more neutral shades.


  1. Hoard up on plants:


This is a no-brainer. If you are a regular on Instagram, you must have seen tons of plants in living rooms. Plants not only add character to the room but also colour. If you’re going for a lighter colour for your walls, adding lots of green, leafy plants will add pop and freshness to your living room. When choosing plants, definitely go for real plants as opposed to artificial ones. Also, pick out a variety such as money plants, Erica palms, bonsai, terrariums etc. These will add nice volume and texture to the living room. But only invest in plants if you’re able and willing to take care of them.


  1. Wooden furniture all the way:


As you might have observed on Instagram, the furniture is minimal. This allows the room to have an airy vibe. When going for minimal furniture, remember to not compromise on quality and invest in something that will last you long. Solid wood furniture is one of the best kinds that fulfils both these requirements. You can find timeless and durable solid wood furniture for your living room here: https://www.duraster.com/collections/coffee-tables. Since the objective is to keep furniture minimal, investing in heirloom furniture will satisfy both uniqueness and value for money.



  1. An oomph factor:


Don’t be afraid to experiment a little when it comes to items of home decor be it paintings, vases, coasters, etc. Since the rest of the room’s vibe is mellow, having one or two quirky and unique pieces of decor in your living room will up the oomph factor. You can pick out a painting with bright colours, a funky vase or a macrame cushion. If you’re the creative kind, think of objects in your home that can be remodelled for decor. Perhaps a ladder can be used as a bookshelf or empty glass bottles can be painted to create a centrepiece. One or two such unique items as part of your decor not only stands out in pictures but is also a great conversation starter.





While from the looks of it, it might appear that all Instagrammable homes look the same, you definitely want to have a slice of your personality reflected in your home’s decor. It’s a great idea to go light on colours and furniture, but don’t be afraid to amp up the decor with little trinkets that demonstrate who you are. With light wall colours, a classic solid wood furniture piece such as a coffee table or a mango wood side unit, a mix of seasonal and indoor plants, and a dash of quirkiness, you’re sure to achieve your goal of having a perfectly Instagrammable living room.





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