5 Easy Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover on a Budget

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover on a Budget

Over the last two years, we’ve spent more time than planned at home or even in our rooms. In such a case, one can feel bored with home decor and interiors. Further, with home decor trends rapidly changing and the multitude of options available online, we often itch for a change to our stagnant surroundings. Thankfully, there are easy ways to spruce up our bedrooms without it burning a hole in our pockets. Here we detail some such easy and cost-effective ways:


  1. Get rid of unnecessary items:


Scan your bedroom and look for things that you don’t use anymore. This could be an old showpiece or an extra cushion or a rug. Getting rid of any unnecessary clutter will help you feel free and give your room an airy vibe. At times, we crowd our rooms with too many items, which can take away the sense of space.


Further, when you are getting rid of any unnecessary items, don’t think about what you would replace those with. Sometimes, removing extra items and keeping the space as it is will give your room the change and breath of fresh air it requires.


  1. Go for a change of colour:


Look at your room and think about the colour of your walls and furniture. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel bored or tired or are you neutral towards or it or does it spark the same excitement as it did when you got it in the first place? Similarly, analyze the furniture. Does it feel old to you?


An easy change that doesn’t require too much time is to go for a change in the colour of the walls. If you have a darker shade right now, opting for a light one will impart your room a sense of freshness. As you would have seen, lighter colours aren’t just in these days but are also evergreen. Similarly, for furniture, you can go for colours that don't go out of fashion such as wooden browns or teak wood or a deep mahogany wood if you’re looking for a contrast.


  1. Change of linen and curtains:


We may underestimate the impact of linen and curtains in our rooms. If your bedroom is the kind that gets plenty of light, a curtain colour that reflects that light will cause a stark difference in how your room looks. If the rest of your room is light and neutral, you can experiment a bit with upholstery. A scarlet red, for example, reflects plenty of light and will add a tinge of colour to your room.


Similarly, you can experiment with the bed linen. In Indian households, we don’t usually opt for plain bedsheets, however, that is the norm these days, Plain bedsheets also come in a variety of colours and can make your bedroom look classier.


  1. Add wooden elements:


It might seem like a daunting task to change the furniture in your bedroom but in order to spruce up your surroundings, you can always add smaller elements. This could be a small coffee table or an ottoman or a side unit or a desk or even a bookshelf. These small additions can help your room feel new and sophisticated. When you are doing this, do ensure that you match the colour of these new furniture items with the rest of your furniture to maintain the colour palette. With solid wood furniture, you can easily find all the classic shades of furniture in our Duraster range here: https://www.duraster.com/collections/sideboards


  1. Change of bed:


If your room doesn’t comprise multiple pieces of furniture aside from a bed, changing the bed will give you the much-needed makeover. If your bed feels old and you want to invest in something durable, solid wood is the way to go. In this blog, we have extensively covered the factors to consider to ensure you can buy the perfect bed for yourself. At Duraster, https://www.duraster.com/collections/wooden-bed-online we offer a wide range of reasonably priced and heirloom quality beds made out of Sheesham, Acacia and Mango Wood.




A makeover of your bedroom might seem challenging at first but it can be managed creatively. You don’t need to change all furniture. Something as simple as changing your curtains or adding a few unique and exquisite pieces can be just the charm your bedroom needs. Further, if you still feel confused about how to go about sprucing up your bedroom, you can always reach us to help you customize the home of your dreams! 







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