Why to Choose Solid Wood Furniture?

Why to Choose Solid Wood Furniture?

If you’re looking for furniture for your home or office, chances are you might be confused by the range of material options available - solid wood, engineered wood-MDF, HDF, plywood, particle board, veneer, composite wood, laminates etc. Or maybe you haven’t given it a thought at all. Either way, we’re here to help you.

As furniture geeks, we recommend that you go with solid wood furniture. Before we get into why, let’s first tell you what it is.

In the simplest terms, Solid Wood is a type of wood sourced directly from nature as opposed to manufactured/engineered wood like plywood, MDF, particle board, veneer, etc. which are artificial alternatives to natural wood. In the case of solid wood, various species of trees are used such as Acacia (Babool), Indian Rosewood (Sheesham), Mango wood, etc.

Now, let’s understand how choosing solid wood furniture can benefit you:


Durability and Longevity

First and foremost, solid wood has a longer lifespan than manufactured wood. The dense composition of solid wood makes its furniture durable and long-lasting. Think about age-old heirloom furniture pieces. These are made of solid wood and have lasted centuries beyond the lifetime of their makers. Manufactured wood, on the other hand does not have the pedigree that solid wood does.


Higher Resistance and Load-bearing Capacity

Density is an excellent measure of wood strength. The higher the density, the stronger the wood. Solid wood is remarkably denser than hollow manufactured ones. Its higher resistance allows solid wood to bear the load and not flex in comparison to engineered wood. Further, its load-bearing capacity per square inch is exponentially higher than manufactured wood’s.  This adds to the overall durability of solid wood furniture.


Elegant and Luxurious Appeal

Solid wood furniture pieces are ‘stunners’. Think of old furnishings and once again, heirloom pieces! Solid wood furniture has a character and personality of its own owing to its rich natural appearance and polished texture which makes itstand out. Their elegance adds a certain je ne sais quoito any décor. You simply cannot compare a natural beauty with an artificial one!


Superbly Sustainable


Engineered wood can get damaged easily and repairs can be cumbersome. After its life ends, it is either incinerated or sent to landfills. Solid wood furniture, however, has a longer life -sometimes even centuries! You can also re-stain, re-furbish, re-paint, re-finish, recycle, upcycle or completely alter it over time.


Low Carbon Footprint

Manufactured wood is heavily processed which means it consumes an enormous amount of energy and is filled with chemical glue compounds that include the likes of Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Solid wood, on the contrary, is sourced from managed forests and farms. Thus, not only is it eco-friendly but uses less energy for production as well.


Absolutely Economical

Although you might feel that solid wood furniture is more expensive as compared to engineered wooden furniture, the latter has a longer life and higher utility value. The price that you pay for solid wood furniture converts to higher value for money since it will last you longer. Manufactured wooden furniture either needs to be repaired or replaced time and again. You can choose to pay once for a high-quality, durable, timeless piece of furniture or pay multiple times over the years for mediocre quality pieces.

If the furniture is an investment for you, then the above reasons point to a clear winner in terms of quality, price, durability, and environmental friendliness. Solid wood furniture items are a piece of art that can prove as an asset to you and the generations to follow.

This is what drives us at Duraster and hence, we strive to offer solid wood furniture that is unique and of heirloom quality.

We are here to help you with all your furniture décor needs.

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