Is buying expensive furniture worth it ?

Is buying expensive furniture worth it ?

Just a bit of introspection to begin with. Are you the type of consumer who spends more for a quality product or are you content with shelling out less for a lower one ? When it’s a matter of thousands or even lakhs , of course you would leave no stone upturned to see that your investment is done in the right place. So, is investing in expensive furniture worth the extra bucks ?

To begin with, it all boils down to the fact that considering what it is that you are buying, spending a tad more on quality, whilst trying to save your bucks on other pieces will ensure that your investment gives you the maximum returns and at the same time lends a incomparably rich look to your home. Ultimately,assuming that you are not intending to borrow again in the near future to refurbish your home and you are on the lookout for value and long term ownership of your furniture,let’s look at the details of what type of furniture is worth spending your hard -earned money on.


65% of Indians spend more than 2 hours per day sitting on the sofa and watching television.  While some others sit while texting, using social media, entertaining guests and resting. Hence this is a top priority furniture where every penny counts. Finding a quality product that matches your budget should be your priority here.


Any fortunate person spends atleast six to seven hours on his or her bed. This is one spot which invites you at the end of the day and comforts you. In my opinion, its an indispensable peiece of furniture wherein you cannot and should not  compromise quality. The price here has a direct bearing on the general welfare of you and your family. So, your choice should be to find the most comfortable piece within your limits.

Dining Table

It’s a piece of furniture that goes through a lot of usage. In the process, it is subjected to staining, heating and scraping, As such, a compromised quality dining table will run out of its life and be an ugly addition to your dining area.While you set off to buy one, do set your budget wisely. You will never regret investing in a quality dining table.

Coffee Table

Alongwith the sofa , the coffee  table is the cynosure of all eyes in your home. At the same time it has to bear the brunt of a whole load of things so you would definitely go for one that lasts for decades and serves your purpose without a second thought .

Furniture You Can Save Money On

There are ,ofcourse, areas of interior decoration where you can save your precious bucks so that you can invest on the priority ones.


You can pull any aesthetic look  for your home by thinking out of the box. For this ,you needn’t spend a ton of money.

For the adventurous type of consumers, looking for trinkets and  undiscovered pieces of accessories in flea markets and garage sales is exhilarating.

Know the difference between Cheap and Expensive Furniture?

All said and done, the thousand dollar question you’d like to ask me here is this one. Try going through these prelimnary checks to ensure the quality of the furniture you are intending to buy.


We, at Duraster advise our clients to double check the type of wood that is used in the furniture. Does the “finish” look glowing and smooth or it appears shiny, painted and uneven ? Look underneath tables and chairs. Try to tap the surfaces to ensure that its not thin veneer. Check the weight. A solid wood piece will definitely be heavier. If the furniture has been put together using traditional joinery methods like dovetailing, check the joints. Look for solid wood like Sheesham or Indian Rosewood teak and oak for your prospective long run furniture pieces.

Know your budget.

It depends on your needs and practical consideration of your budget. It would be wise to get acquainted with what you could expect to shell out for furniture pieces in your different rooms.

For instance, an average individual spends around two hundred thousand on decorating the living room which includes sofa, coffee and side tables, TV unit, art, rugs and other decorations.

So by all means, you definitely need to say “yes” to going ahead and splurging on those irresistible pieces of furniture and make your home a “dream “ home. For a glimpse of the best pieces of furniture made of top notch high quality wood like Sheesham, expert guidance and unmatched services from our in house experts, Duraster is ever ready to serve you.

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