Seven Designer Tips for your Home Office.

Seven Designer Tips for your Home Office.

If you are the one who has opted to continue working from home, then you need to plan out a comfortable and productive space which you can call your ‘Office at Home’.  If you are a working mom then ,you may have to position yourself near your kid’s room or even near the kitchen or sitting room.

 If you simply can’t accommodate the workspace anywhere, a corner of a bedroom or living room can look fabulous, if well planned. 

 The pertinent questions that need to be answered here are

  1. How much space is required?
  2. Do I need a storage space near my working table?
  3. Do I need to sound proof my workspace?
  4. What are the technological devices or gadgets that I would be using frequently?
  5. Do I need to have access to files, manuals and other stuff from my table or it need not be so close to my desk?

Read on, for our seven essential tips for creating a beautiful and practical home office design:

  1. Strategic Location

It’s you who are going to decide which space would be the most ideal one for your workspace. While zeroing in on the location, consider a space which is least distracting, bright and comfortable. It could be a separate room or even a spot in your kitchen.

  1. Space

The corner you have chosen should have enough room to work comfortably. Check if you can stretch, stand up and also move around a bit while you are at the desk.

  1. The Perfect Desk and Chair

Now this is the most crucial decision. You need to choose a desk, study or Computer Table that is broad enough to place the computer as well as other essentials.

 Invest in a good-quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable if possible. Duraster has the widest choice in ergonomically designed chairs to suit the look of your room and your budget too. Your neck and back will be ever grateful to you.

  1. Storage

This is one important aspect which mostly gets overlooked while planning a workspace. Ensure you make enough arrangements for wall mounted cabinets or bookshelves for storing your books, files and essentials. Do try to visualize where you will be placing your work nitty gritty   and whether it will be easily accessible from your desk. Office accessories such as printers, scanners and document shredders need extra space.  So, ensure that you keep it in mind in the planning stage.

  1. Light

Another vital factor is to ensure that your desk gets enough natural light. If you’re working with computers or other screens, see  that enough natural light reaches your table . Try using window shades or blinds and not thick curtains to allow as much natural light.  A light-colored blind that blocks glare can do the trick. Lighter shades on the walls and including a mirror on the wall gives an openness to the room.  Placing a pleasing artwork just above your desk helps you to relax your exhausted eyes once in a while.

 Declutter Technology

Wires and cords could debunk your dream of having an organized workstation. Try using a grommet on your Computer table to organize the wires. You could also opt for a wireless router or just fix them under the table to give that chic, neat look to your space.

  1. Customize

Keep your standards and style high! You can match the workspace with your interiors by using your creative skills. Add your signature to your workspace with an artwork, a collection of souvenirs or just a touch of refreshing paint to make you feel special.

Finally, if you can’t afford to have a separate space, try being creative with a hallway or a staircase landing that often escape our thoughts and are rarely used.  A small corner or nook under the stairs or in your living room can do wonders if used creatively.

Duraster offers you an unparalleled match to your aesthetic tastes by offering you a huge range of working tables or computer tables, storage units, shelves, cabinets and all the essential accessories you would require to make your, ‘dream work space’ a reality. Our vision is to enable your dreams to take wings with our expertise and acumen.



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