Why would you Invest in well crafted Furniture?

Why would you Invest in well crafted Furniture?

As a culmination of my post on whether luxury furniture is worth your hard earned money, here I would like to reemphasize the need for buying expensive, top notch furniture pieces . To come straight to the point ,  I would be  stating  the top five reasons why  our experts at Duraster reassert this need.

It’s easy to experience a price shock when furniture shopping. Yes, while buying luxury pieces might seem overwhelming at first, however, they will prove to be a lifelong investment.

High-quality pieces offer you years of uninterrupted peace of mind, if properly maintained.  Whereas, cheaper ones not only ruin the aesthetics of your home in no time but will have a disastrous impact on your savings too.  However, unfortunately the impact is not limited to only your savings . I would nudge you to read on to know more about the potential problems.

Do not get tempted by peanut- priced furniture.

When furniture is available online for throwaway prices, it gets all the more hard to resist the temptation. Well, such offers are too good to be true. Lower quality wood and materials used in the manufacture of such pieces enable the companies to offer it at peanuts. No sooner you buy it, then    you will find that it won’t stand the wear and tear and the chipped edges ,failing joints and rotting wood will ensure that you lose your precious sleep.  However, investing in a well-crafted, piece of furniture, will have a contradictory effect and you will proudly claim it to be one of your wisest decisions.

Behold the quality

No matter what amount of effort goes into making a cheap piece of furniture appear like a high end one, an informative and wise consumer, will quickly notice the hidden flaws. As a well read and informed buyer, you will definitely spend time and efforts to dwell a bit longer and choose wisely. The fact is, cheap furniture generally looks cheap.

Higher the quality, greater the level of comfort

In no ways, can a poorly crafted sofa , couch or bed give you the same level of comfort as a well-built one. After some usage, the cheaper versions will not be able to withstand the pressure, wear and tear. As such the sofas and couches begin to sag. The chairs might get wobbly and the wood used in the beds and tables might get infested with termites or moths. This, in itself would be a huge catastrophe.

Do not compromise your  physical and mental health

These overtly attractive shoddily constructed pieces of furniture will negatively impact your piece of mind and body. This, though, may not seem so conspicuous in the short term, it can have a serious toll on the general well being of you and your loved ones. Spending long hours in an improper posture for years can cause serious, irreversible damage to the circulatory and nervous system.

Invest in your family

When it comes to buying a Home theater or a cell phone, 60 percent of Indian consumers, according to experts do not think twice while buying high end products whereas the same statistics is not true in the case of furniture. In the latter case, the  vast majority of Indian masses are gullible and fall prey to tempting offers on cheap furniture. Electronic goods get outdated in no time, whereas this isn’t true with furniture. A high quality bed , dining table, sofa or couch will lend an incomparable aesthetic beauty to your home, a better quality of life to you and your family and it will remain a matter of pride for the entire household for years to come.

After having read these facts, I am sure the enticing images of furniture on sale throughout the year irrespective of any season or festivities, will cease to have a lasting impact on the minds of our readers. If you would love to know more on well crafted furniture by seasoned craftsmen, do have a glimpse at  our latest collections on Duraster.com , a promising destination for the mature and well-read furniture lover.

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