Tips to choose the right Dining Table for your Home

Tips to choose the right Dining Table for your Home
The answer to what piece of furniture is the most essential one in your home is of course ! the dining table or the dining set. On any given day, one can do without the other furniture in the living or dining room but the center of our being is the dining table. This is the only place where you get together atleast once a day and come face to face with your loved ones.
A Solid Hardwood Table
Dining tables are a lifelong investment. As it is an expensive investment, it would be wiser to invest in a solid Hardwood on especially-Sheesham, Teak, Acacia or Mango. These are the ones that can stand the vagaries of time. Though buying a composite or veneered table may seem enticing due to the cost, it would be an entirely  wrong decision. In addition, the dignified presence of a solid wood table is irreplaceable and the upkeep is so very simple that this is the most beneficial investment you could ever think of making.
Speaking of solid woods,Indian Rosewood also known by the name Sheesham wood  is considered as tough and dense. Sheesham wood comprises a medium texture that has narrowly interlocked grains for forming a distinctive pattern on the dining table set. The elite buyers go for solid wood like Sheesham,Teak,Acacia,and Mango due to the durability it offers.  It matures with age and adds an unrivalled opulence to the space it adorns.
The Shape
Due to constriction of space in the apartments or condos that an average Indian can afford, dining tables are often  set up in an open space in the living room itself. Even if the apartment or house has an additional dining space it is more often a small room.Oval, square and round tables are considered to be the hot sellers as they are a perfect fit in any kind  or of space.
How big your dining table should be depends largely on the space available for dining and how many family members you have. How frequently you would be entertaining friends and family can also prove to be a crucial factor.
If you are just a couple or a nuclear family with no frequent visitors, then a 2 or 4 seater dining table can be an ideal pick. If you love socializing, then you can go for 6-seater dining table. If you have a big family then you will need an 8-seater dining table.
With furniture designs that are sleek, trendy and functional, Duraster delivers the right blend of style and value, aesthetics and functionality, as well as comfort and uncompromised quality. It has an overwhelming collection of the finest dining sets in solid wood.
One look at Vismit Premium Solid  Sheesham wood Dining Set at Duraster, for instance, will give you a clue of what we have in store for you. This piece is a legacy in itself. With a royal look, it is indeed a feast to the eyes. A blend of traditional and contemporary design, it comes in three different sizes-four, six and eight seater. The leaf mesh pattern, the grainy texture of Sheesham , the comfortable chairs and the bench which comes with the six and eight seater set add to the existing charm and grace of this piece.  Carved with utmost care and perfection by our skilled master craftsmen, this would be the center of attraction in your dinette.
All said and done,your solid wood dining table  is the place where you and your family are going  to create years and years of memories around.  After all, the wood used in your dining set has memory.  It’s experienced sun, rain, and wind for probably centuries in a dense forest in some remote corner of the world. It’s no less than a wonder that you are going to own a piece of Mamma nature when you buy a solid wood dining set.  This is your heirloom which you your children will inherit. It’s comforting to know that at  Duraster, creating legacies becomes all the more easier,with our expertise, service and guidance that  is unrivalled in the modern furniture industry. We are always here to help!

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