The Guide to Buying Premium Fabric Sofas with Duraster

The Guide to Buying Premium Fabric Sofas with Duraster

It’s high time to enlighten our readers with a detailed guide on how to choose the top sofas for a living room. While shopping for the right one, the fabric upholstery is one critical aspect that needs your focus, as the fabric also contributes to the ultimate comfort of the users. All in all, you need to keep certain essential criteria in perspective before you zero in on any one sofa.  In this blog, we’ve decided to lead you through key aspects to consider while shopping for a fabric sofa.

 The Framework

Though the market is inundated with sofas having steel  and metal frames, the all-time favorite is wooden ones and the credit goes to the durability of hard wood like Sheesham, Acacia, Teak and Mango.                                                 

Bold Colors

Wooden Sofas come in different bold colors and hence give you unbridled choice to mix and match it with the interiors of your living room. The colors—soft, bold, primary, warm, cool; the patterns—checks, plaids, stripes, tweeds, florals and the fabrics—wool, velvet, chenille, cotton, linen, faux leather, leather… the choices are humungous. Throw cushions on your fabric sofa matching the color of your interiors or contrasting the walls of your living room, let your creativity inspire the interior aesthetics of your home. The rugs, curtains, side tables, wall paint or wall paper, wall arts and the sofa upholstery are the vital elements to play around with  and create magic and  of course !since you are going to play the magician, you need to be well informed of the strategies to be employed while transforming your nest.                                       

Available Space and Size

Another relevant aspect is the size of your living room. Consider its dimensions before jumping in to buy a sofa. If, for instance, you live in a studio apartment then you need to consider how much of space you are planning to devote to the sofa. If you end up buying a large one, the space would look cluttered and congested, thereby impacting the entire interior of the place. You need to be clear to avoid later regrets. It would be wise to consider the practical aspects of the space available with the height, width and depth of the sofa before you finalize the purchase.

Away from Direct Sunlight

If you prefer placing your fabric upholstered sofa next to a window, then you have to ensure that it’s not exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to the sun may fade the color of the fabric.


The fabric used to upholster the sofa comes in various types. It would be beneficial to know the types.

Natural Fabric

Natural Fabrics like silk, wool, linen is preferred due to the comfort and durability factors. Even in summers, natural fabrics maintain a balanced temperature.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics consist of polyester, nylon and acrylic. Synthetic leather, cotton and leather are the favorite choice of decorators and individual clients.

Diana Corner Sofa range at Duraster

Sinuous, soft, comfortable. These range of unique, spacious, fabric upholstered sofas are an irresistible attraction for the most complete relaxation. A standout example of unmatched craftsmanship and elegant design, it captivates the interiors in its charm. The Diana range is full of character and   well-crafted details that make each piece beautifully unique. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, it is a beautiful and versatile range reflecting undeniable sophistication that manifests durability and strength with its strong build.

Homeowners and interior decorators alike have sought our expertise and acumen over the years. We, at Duraster offer our clients the choice of living like royals. Our lavish, tufting and classic premium fabric sofa designs will welcome you with style and comfort, allowing you to live like the royal you are. Our range of sofas have been designed solely to fulfil one purpose -to bring casual elegance and style to living spaces.

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