Secrets You Need to Know About Premium Leather Sofas

Secrets You Need to Know About Premium Leather Sofas

To every esteemed prospective client of ours, we deem it our privilege, to guide and serve by sharing our valuable insights that we have accrued from our years of service in the field of furniture manufacture. Today, we take this opportunity to discuss secrets cleverly kept by the top brands in the industry, especially the ones centered around leather upholstered premium sofas.

Leather sofas have always occupied a place of prestige in a home. Moving one step ahead, blending it with the interior aesthetic of your home is a challenge that every elite client faces. So let’s dive a bit deeper into the waters of buying a leather sofa, things you need to know,the design, upholstery and  of course! some well-guarded secrets as usual.

You need to Know this -the difference between artificial leather and Rexine

Artificial Leather and Rexine are both manmade materials, there’s no difference except in terms of quality,

Artificial Leather will look like Leather and have a better look than the Rexine.However, Rexine is just the cheaper version of the Coated fabric, which both are, and they are no comparison to Real Leather.

Let’s have a quick look at  the different aspects of the leather sofa Buying a new sofa set is like getting a new gem. There are different types, styles, fabrics, and sizes options available.

The Frames -A high-quality sofa is known by its strong and sturdy frame.
Spring System – The technical term for this is ‘ergonomics’.It’s  defined by the type of spring system.
Cushions Filling- It defines the rebound ability and wear of the exquisite sofa set.

The Frames

Look for durable and solid frames which  ensures  the life span and shape of the sofa set. The solid wood structure  also ensures the comforting feel and look of the sofa.

The good quality frame is made out of kiln-dried hardwood. Kilns are the large ovens with very strictly controlled humidity and temperatures. The process of kiln drying removes all moisture from the wood, enabling it to retain its shape and stability over an extended period.

Interlocked Corner Joints frame

In a good quality frame, the joints get extra attention. Each corner of the sofa should be interlocked with blocks to have an added strength. They should be glued and screwed into the frame.

Screws Instead of Staples frame

People don't actually realize the strength of screws. But in truth, screwed joints are often stronger. They are applied on a dowelled and glued joint to get a solid and long -lasting frame.

Doweled and Affixed Joints frame

It is a  traditional and time tested way of connecting the joints to get a good quality sofa set.  Joints combined with a Dowell expands when glued to connect each piece together and it’s even stronger.  Then they are screwed to get a solid and durable frame structure.

Coniferous Softwood Frame

Softwoods means from a coniferous tree. These type of woods are soft and brittle and therefore are not liable for making sofa frames. Hence you should be on the lookout for hardwood like Sheesham or Indian rosewood, Teak, Acacia and so on.

Locking Joint Mechanism Frame

Locking joints do provide support to the structure but are not considered as permanent support as they are a simple groove cut so that another piece of wood can sit on it.

Stapled Edges Frame

Using staples to fasten wood pieces together is just  a temporary fastening method until glue in joint cures.

Poor-quality Plywood Frame

Although plywood and particle boards can be used in quality wood furniture. But it is not recommended for upholstered frames as the accent of the decking is placed on the joints between the layers of plywood.

Spring System

Eight-way Hand Tied Springs

It is the hundred-year-old spring system. In this spring support, the manufacturer connects each spring to the adjoining one with a strong twine. The string passes front to back, side to side and then diagonally in both directions, thus tying each spring securely.

Cushions Filling

Denser the sitting foam, the longer the sofa will last and retain its comfort and shape.

Moulded Foam

Moulded foam cushion filling are a much solid option, and require occasional turning to keep them looking as good as new. They may lose some of their initial density but will keep their shape for years to come. These cushions give a streamlined appearance to the sofa set.

Hollow fill Fibre

Hollow Fibre is a synthetic human-made material, consisting of void strands that allow air to pass through, trapping it within the strand producing loft. This fibre creates a plump cushion with a medium to firm feel, suitable for all cushions. They are cost effective and are suitable for all types of cushions whether bolster, suite or scatter cushion.

Cold Cured Foam

Cold cured foam is a kind of high-density polyurethane foam used in the construction of reclining sofas. It contains strategically placed air pockets throughout the cushion to provide outstanding long-term comfort.

Foam Material In A Leather Sofa

 It is the quality of the foam material used in leather sofas  that offers effective support . The superior quality foam includes virgin foam, anti-sag foam and bouncy foam that gives it the perfect appeal it has.

Leather Sofa Testing Process

 The premium leather sofas are subjected to a range of tests in order to ensure that they keep up to the expectations in the market.

Final Thought

Are you on the lookout for the best premium sofa  for your home? At Duraster, the  timeless Chesterfield Series Sofas  is the destination where your search is going to end. Chesterfield Sofa series clearly pictures an elegant furniture design to accentuate the royal look in your house. Set-back curves of the armrest, detailed legs and tufted upholstery make it a trendsetter in the industry.Moreover,you get to experience the softness of premium upholstery and the base is strong with solid-wood framework. A glimpse of this series,  and the unbelievable price range it’s offered at, on our store will have you sitting on the edge of your seat to own one.

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