Secret tips for Maintenance and Care of Solid Wood Furniture

Secret tips for Maintenance and Care of Solid Wood Furniture

Are you on a shoe string budget and are worried about the upkeep of your precious wooden furniture?

Solid wood furniture doesn’t need fixing ,yet with the passage of time, the wear and tear will show. As wood is a natural resource, it’s prone to be affected by other natural elements. However, there are certain things which can extend the life and shine of your valuable wooden furniture.

Furniture doesn’t need cleaning everyday, as long as you make it a part of your scheduled cleaning  calendar. Ensure that the most used pieces of furniture are not neglected. Dusting it clean and wiping it with  warm,  mild soapy water will do the trick. Do not use harsh cleaning liquids which could prove to be harmful to the exterior wooden surface. Choose the right cleaning product and the right strategy when you set about this task.

Keep wooden furniture away from direct sunlight. Sunlight reflecting through windows can have a severe damaging effect on the wood . It also may lead to shrinking and other irreversible damages to the wood. As you might be aware, wood shrinks and swells according to variations in weather. If you are living in an area experiencing extremities of weather then you need to get a humidifier or dehumidifier to keep the wood intact.

Do not expose surfaces which are used on a regular basis. Instead such surfaces need to be covered . For instance, keep coasters , placemats or table cloths ready for your wooden dining table .

Maintenance and Repair

What to use?

A great thing about wooden furniture is that unlike furniture made from other material, it is easier to maintain. Solid wood by nature is tough and can withstand any normal wear and tear. However, if in case it gets slightly damaged and needs minor repairs let’s have a quick look at some quick fix repairs.

While setting off to undertake quick fixes, you need to use things that repairs the damage and protects the exterior of the furniture. You can go for a readymade kit available at any hardware stores or you could choose solo tools and resources on your own.

Sandpaper grits or Pumice, for example, that you can use to smoothen the surfaces, turpentine to dilute the varnish or polish, linseed oil to lend a shine to the exteriors can be bought from any nearby hardware outlet.

Homemade Solutions

1) When you are faced with a glaring white ring on your shiny, teakwood table  caused by heat from a kettle or a cup of hot water it could give you a sleepless night. If left longer, it can affect the interior of the table. Rub a blotch of toothpaste or petroleum jelly vigorously on the ring formation and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

2) Use a matching shoe polish on chipped feet of the sofas, coffee or dining tables to hide the marks.

3) A mixture of toothpaste mixed with baking soda or cooking oil mixed with ashes works perfectly on tea and coffee rings formed on dining and Coffee tables.
4) If you or the kids end up scraping the furniture pieces and it’s a minor scratch then you can easily mask it with a crayon, shoe polish or a marker.4  If you have kids, then gum underneath your dining or coffee table and even your beds is a perennial problem. This sticky hurdle can be rid off by freezing it. Place a ice bag on it for ten to fifteen minutes and then scrape it off with a flat edged knife.

Invest in Solid Wood Duraster Furniture for Your Home

Solid wood furniture at Duraster is a great way to invest in your home. However as it’s a lifelong investment, it needs proper upkeep.  By following the above  guidelines from our experts, you would be able to maintain the sophistication and timeless beauty of your solid wood furniture. Duraster delivers not just quality but the utmost care to its customers.

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