Top Trends in Home Décor -2022

Top Trends in  Home Décor -2022

In times when thinking out of the box is the in thing, if you decide to restrict yourself to cliched interior looks, then you’ll definitely feel left out. It’s high time to rise above the local, outdated trends and dab yourself in the latest aesthetics.  Let’s have a look at the hottest and latest furniture trends for 2022 and why it is a great idea to imbibe  these in your home.

Workspace at home

Life indoors has become popular after the pandemic as Work from Home and Home Schooling are here to stay. Mini study and work spaces done up in style are integrated in bedrooms. These spaces are adorned with fancy lights, attractive backgrounds, organised storage shelves, aesthetically designed flexible chair, table and green indoor plants to add a touch of vibrance . This is a mandatory bedroom addition in 2022 and will continue to evolve. Due to WFH and hybrid work culture gaining popularity, there is a  growing demand for multi functional  pieces of furniture everywhere in modern living spaces. 

The post-pandemic culture is gaining popularity and has engulfed interior design industry rapidly. People, now are making statements with unique pieces of furniture and are using every nook and corner of their living spaces to express their inner selves.

Multifunctional Pieces of Furniture

With real estate getting dearer, urban homes are getting smaller. So how can you make the most of the space you’ve got?

It’s simple – multifunctional furniture. Furniture like solid wood sofas are now getting popular in their latest avataars. Space saving innovative designs  are gaining prominence and are flooding the Indian furniture market.

Paradoxically, people though prefer instant food for dinner, when it comes to designing their multi -functional homes in 2022 are doing it at their own pace. Mass produced assembly line furniture has given way for authentic, handmade and personalized ones. At Duraster, you can revel in the luxury of researching tailor made multi -functional designs on our online store.

Courageous Hues

The furniture colors are taking on the moods of its owners. Black and brown are no longer in fashion now, as they are being replaced by neutral and earthy colours like muted pink or red, soft green and modern greys, which are ruling the living room décor trends. Black, white and brown which used to be the ruling colours in the furniture market are now considered dull. A conscious attempt is being made to make life more livable by adding a riot of colours in the interiors. The vibrance and energy of our living spaces has become a matter of great significance as we spend more time indoors.

Each room reflects the signature style of its owners through the colours of its interiors. As modern homes are meant to serve entertainment, work, exercise needs of its owners, flexibility is gaining popularity. Hence, practical, multi-purpose furniture is trending the charts and will continue to do so according to experts.

Going Indigenous

People are preferring a delectable mix of contemporary with traditional to give appealing vibes to their modern nests. Indian culture showcased in– ethnic lampshades, exquisite hand-woven furnishings with embroidery, traditional lamps, Jharokha murals, natural textiles, kalamkari, ikat, terracotta, Madhubani artwork are making their presence felt in modern interiors. Bed and sofa upholstery are populated with motifs such as lotus, rose, hibiscus paisley, peacock elephant, sun, etc.  Thus in 2022, with so much happening all around , people’s craving for comfort, and warmth has made a huge impact on the interior décor front. 

Being Bold with Metal Details

Metal in small details, is the style of the day. Making bold statements by adding subtle details in metal-steel, brass etc are gaining popularity. These details, for instance, could be a thin line of steel or brass on a sleek solid wood sofa that emphasizes  it’s shape and makes a statement too.

Open Kitchens

According to experts, open kitchens are slowly giving way to closed ones, as the post pandemic period we are living in has brought up the growing concern of isolation. Though enclosed, the new designs introduced for kitchen interiors are making it look more open and barrier free. 


Using eco-friendly designs and natural materials    has become the next significant move in the furniture industry. Environment friendly designs and materials has become the trend recently in interior design. For instance, buying a bed that might have been infused with harmful chemicals in the treatment phase, is just out of the question now for the health-conscious consumers. Though wood is still at the helm, when we speak of renewable resources, materials like bamboo are also trending in the eco-friendly segment. The big firms in the industry are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint by engaging local craftsmen, suppliers and keeping the entire production local.  And by the way, natural wood furniture not only terminates the use of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and other flame-retardants, but also has a significant bearing on the energy of our living spaces.  

 In short, sustainable design means use of recyclable materials, product durability and reliability, low energy consumption, ability to refurbish, less waste during production, clean production techniques, reduction of product weight, use of clean materials, and use of less packaging or reusable packaging is being ensured to give our modern homes a cleaner and conscience friendly interiors.

These  latest trends are what we, at Duraster specialize in  and invite you to have a sneak peek at our collections and revel in our customized services.



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