Must have Bedroom Furniture- What else do you Need in your Bedroom other than your Master Bed?

Must have Bedroom Furniture- What else do you Need in your Bedroom other than your Master Bed?

Are you in need of a harmonious space, you can call your own, at the end of a tiring day?

Though a bed makes up a vital part of your bedroom, today let’s have a quick runover of the other indispensable pieces of furniture you need to have, their significance and a couple of handy tips too.


A crucial element in the setting of your master bedroom is the inclusion of a wardrobe or the so-called cupboard in layman’s terms. The conservative free-standing cupboards have now long gone and are replaced by ultra-sleek wardrobes which are inbuilt and sometimes conspicuously unseen to anyone who happens to land in your bedroom, unless they make a conscious attempt to locate it. It’s usually built in against a wall and include ample storage space and some extravagantly designed wardrobes also have options for dressers and a shelf for the TV unit too. It is an indispensable piece of furniture which can act as a single substitute for a number of other pieces.  Having such ultra-modern, wardrobes ,  be it modular or a walk-in closet , eliminates cluttering in your bedroom and gives it a sheer brilliance .


Apart from wardrobes, a shelf gives you the much-needed option to declutter the space in your bedroom and have that minimalistic appearance. Shelves appear best when wall mounted and are the easiest go to for storing essentials like pillows, comforters and bedspreads. It also can substitute as a bookshelf, if you are a book lover, thereby allowing you the freedom to showcase your love for books .

Dressing Table

The oh so crucial piece of furniture, if you desire a classy look for your bedroom which can instantly lend a functional and aesthetic appearance to it. Most dressing tables come with a set of drawers where you can set up  or store your grooming essentials. Usually dressing tables come with space for a stool which can be placed underneath. Ultra modern dressing tables are a means of showcasing your vanities. You name the type of dressing tables and we have it all. The amount of  required storage space , dimension and layout of the  bedroom, seating area in front of the dressing unit and the lighting around and in- built in the dressing unit are crucial factors that should decide your choice of the perfect unit.

Bed side Tables

You realize how badly you need a bedside table when you actually lie down and are looking for a space to keep your cell phone, medicines , water and your reading material and yes your reading glasses too ! Well, there’s one thing to it though. You need side tables on both sides as obviously your better half needs it and it gives a balanced look to the overall display.

Bedroom TV unit.

Watching your favourite Netflix series from the comfort of your bed is no more a distant dream. Whatever be the show on TV, the comfort level of watching it away from the living room sofa, is something you might have always desired. An array of choice in  well-designed TV units which are usually placed at the foot of the bed, aesthetically blending into the décor of the room, is what major furniture manufacturing companies specialize in.

You just have to choose the right one which suits your TV size and you’ll find that it seamlessly blends with the décor of your room. You always have the bespoke option, so try going for it and I bet you’ll not regret it. Choose discreetly from a multitude of options on display at our store on  Duraster. If you love the modern sleek look you can go for a rugged, wooden effect or if you have a traditional interior then a classic cabinet would be the best option. There’s no dearth of choices when it comes to TV units. Let your creative juices flow unbridled and you will be the master of your own perfect TV unit design.


One can get literally overwhelmed at the huge range of mattresses available at all leading furniture stores. There are certain aspects you need to prioritize while choosing the right one. It is crucial to know what size you need as mattresses come in various sizes. You have a massive range waiting for you at our store.

The most overlooked factor or rather I would say the critical one in your choice should be going for the right type. The latest options in mattresses are Pillowtop, Euro top, memory foam, latex and so on, though the innerspring ones are still popular. Specialty stores have their consulting services in place to guide you so that you end up making the right choice and do not lose your sleep.

Study Table

The past two years has witnessed the world shifting toward a remote working and studying style.  An interesting but crucial addition to every modern bedroom is the study table or the study unit as we call it. Since lying on the bed and working or studying is not a viable option, many work from home professionals have opted for custom made, practical study tables which have not only resolved work issues but also have amplified work life balance. You can indulge in a huge splash of aesthetically designed study table options at reputed stores. So, you just have to plan and transform a small corner of your bedroom into your work or study place and presto! you’ll be taken aback at the outcome and your work or study unit will be the USP of your room. Going a step further, as always you can be smarter by choosing a study unit with shelves and cabinets which will give it a sleek and organized appearance. Remember to choose the study unit’s design based on the interior décor of your bedroom.

Your bedroom reflects the inner “you” and every corner of it bears your signature. So, go ahead and make the right choices and give a blissful end to every tiring day by being head over heels in love with your bedroom, by choosing from the exclusive range of choices we offer you at Duraster .


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