Your Guide to Buying Customized & BeSpoke Solid Wood Furniture

Your Guide to Buying Customized & BeSpoke Solid Wood Furniture

When it’s your home, you need to take the call in everything from the furniture to the colour palette. You just want to ensure that everything is top notch and can make jaws drop in seconds. If you’re planning your dream home, bespoke furniture is the way to add “you” to your home. There is no limit to your imagination and it’s the same with bespoke furniture too. The options are varied be it, design or the material. When you choose to go bespoke, the sky is the limit.
So, today let’s take a sneak-peak into what goes into buying bespoke furniture as it can be indeed a daunting task to do it without expert guidance.

What Is Bespoke & Customized Solid Wood Furniture?

It means that a master craftsman or a team of experts from a specialized furniture company make your dream a reality for you in each and every piece of furniture. It enables you to dictate the design, shape, height, size, material as well the finishing and colour.

You’ll be the decision maker. You can blend your favourite styles and make it your own signature style. A bespoke piece is specially crafted keeping in mind the user’s requirements and specifications. Also note that there are very companies providing solid wood furniture customization in India as it requires a sophisticated heavy machinery setup and the artisans who do intricate handwork are a rare find.

Why should you go for - it?

As bespoke / customized solid wood furniture is handmade with great care using the highest quality of materials, unlike mass produced furniture, you can rest assured that you are investing in a life time piece of furniture. If you own a house that has its own unique structure and you spend days and months browsing for the right fitting pieces of furniture, then the only solution is going bespoke. It is guaranteed to fit in any annoying nook or corner.

The icing on the cake is, such pieces are mostly made from sustainable materials unlike mass produced ones which are mostly built from synthetic materials gathered from all over the world.

How to choose the right designer?

Plan out what your home needs, then blend it with the latest furniture materials be it metallic, glass or solid wood. There are hordes of furniture manufacturing companies making tall claims of their tailor-made designs but you need to choose the finest, the most trusted and reliable furniture manufacturers. Companies like Duraster are popular with bespoke/customized furniture aspirants. One of the prominent factors for it is, they guide you through the entire process as they are equipped with the acumen and expertise to do so. They will have no qualms in answering all your queries when you are confused. Its highly recommended that you go to the experts who know the in and out of the job. So before you jumpstart your decision to go bespoke do have a look at

Decide on how to make the most of your available space?

The charm of bespoke furniture lies in the fact that it totally eliminates space constraints. For instance, the amount of space needed in a wardrobe differs according to individual needs.

With bespoke or custom-built furniture, you can have a combination of adjustable rails, single or multiple ones, to have the much-needed freedom to hang up your long wear or just keep it folded. It’s your wish!

Another mind-blowing example of customization in a limited space, is using open shelving and wall mounted desks to utilize a mini study space to the fullest.

In your dining room, you can carve out your dreams by choosing between a range of four, six and eight seater dining tables, that would definitely blend with any type of décor and you’ll be able to flaunt your style too .

The magnificent wooden sofas are another must have pieces in your list of bespoke furniture for your dream house

Well Known, specialized bespoke furniture companies offer you their expertise by providing an extensive range of choices exclusively customized to fit your dreams.  Thinking out of the box is what they specialize in. They will help you to conclude whether you require an Ottoman in lieu of a coffee table or if you need to accentuate the restricted space in your modest living room with a customized piece of furniture.

Past experience

The most important factor is the experience the manufacturer has in the home décor industry. Look out for a company, which has a superb record of manufacturing bespoke / customised furniture.

Try researching a bit into their past work and you’ll have the answers.

Material and design quality

Opting for bespoke furniture means getting the best. The best companies will offer you a range of designs made from the latest and the best in materials. Whether its solid wood or steel you desire, go for the one who have the designs that serve your needs. A peek into their work will give you a perspective of their experience. Bespoke furniture makers put so much of love and care into their pieces unlike mass produced ones that the final outcome radiates the effort and experience that goes into it. It definitely is timeless, unique and one that you will cherish for generations. Whether it is a wardrobe that makes use of the restricted space in your bedroom or a grand dining table that blends in seamlessly  into your interior. Quality and longevity are the hallmarks of bespoke furniture and it’s a lifetime investment that you make.

Client reviews

When you are beside yourself after a satiating buy, you as a customer instinctively turn to rate and review the seller. Contentment of ex-customers is always a positive sign for prospective ones to go ahead. This is an evidence that they have already served clients requirements. So, make time to go over those reviews too.

Delivery, Assembling & Installation

Getting your furniture bespoke designed means, it will be delivered and assembled for you within a time frame. You will be saved from the hassle and stress of it all. It usually takes about 8 to 10 weeks to deliver custom made furniture considering your location and specifications. Pick a designer who is specific about the shipping period before you even place an order lest the experience might prove shattering to you.

Saving you from the hassles and stress of choosing the right piece of furniture, though slightly high on your budget, custom made furniture is an investment you will always proudly claim to be the best one. Its high time you stop drooling over Mrs. Sharma's magnificent sheesham wood hand crafted dining table with low stools and lay your hands on a more uniquely crafted and designed one for yourself.

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