Buying a solid wood bed - Read our buying guide.

Buying a solid wood bed - Read our buying guide.

Do you know that your bed is your partner in life? Having a healthy relationship with your bed is one of the contributing factors to a healthy and wealthy life. It should not only look enticing but at the same time be comfortable and sturdy too.  Even before you think of buying a perfect mattress, consider the crucial things you need to bear in mind when you make this long term investment.

At Duraster, the style of beds are sorted by type: single beds, double beds, futon beds, loft beds, bunk beds, pull-out beds, reclining beds and more. So, first and foremost let’s dive into what aspects need to be taken into consideration while choosing the fittest bed, you would fall for.

Which bed is right for you? In this post, we give you some useful tips on choosing the rightly engineered solid wood bed.

When choosing the perfect bed, the four main things to consider are:

  • Size
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Storage
  • Style


    Your bed size is directly related to the size of your room. No wonder, a huge bed is comfortable but if your room is small then its practical to choose a smaller size that wouldn’t look out of place and also will blend into the other pieces of bed room essential furniture in the room. Well, speaking of the most essential pieces of furniture you would require while planning a new home or refurbishing an old one, just hop on for a detailed guide,  before you buy anything.

    Speaking of the bed, the centerpiece of the bedroom, we most often fail to consider the height of the frame. There are a multitude of bedframes you can choose from and the right match can accentuate the feel and look of the interiors. A high frame is always considered to add a royal touch to your bedroom.

    Sleeping arrangements

    Whether you're living alone or sharing your bed with a partner, sleeping arrangement is one thing you cannot afford to overlook. Your entire ecosystem depends on whether your bed gives you the much needed personal space and comfort. Though larger beds add royalty to the appearance of your bedroom they give you unrestricted space especially, if you are the adventurous type who loves rolling around in sleep. There is some crucial piece of associated furniture, I’d like to speak about in this context and that is the mattress. Besides the decisions, like choosing a single bed over a double bed, or a queen-sized bed over a king-sized bed, pay attention to buying the right mattress. Apart from its firmness, consider its durability and ease of maintenance.  There are different wonderful ways of adding to the existing comfort of your mattress

    Choose bed linens according to the weather. Consider your pillow choices too as different sleepers’ gel well with different types of pillows.


    Well, it apparently seems to be a wise decision to choose what seems tempting to the eye. In this context, being practical even when you are tempted to buy a bed impulsively because you have fallen head over heels in love with its beauty, then you need to think twice.

    You might not have enough space for extra wardrobes to stove off your kid’s toys, books and your cherished treasures, So, why not go for a comfortable bed with enough space to store at the same time.

    Being space savvy is the in thing. For a range of choices which will help you decide and finalize in a jiffy, you need to have a quick look now.  On exploring the awesome design collection of  huge, colonial and modern Sheesham Wood Storage Beds, you will find a multitude of solid wood beds that have an integrated storage space which looks super cool and act as your savior too by storing all your clutter. 


    What comes next? Of course, the style statement. Bed frames, especially solid wooden ones rule the day. But, you do have a whole lot of options if you love a sleek chic look by going for a metal frame.

    With so many options to consider, Duraster is here to help.  There are countless of them, all based on the same overall designs but with differing headboard heights made of solid Sheesham, Mango and Acacia used in their construction. Solid wood beds hold the ground even in the contemporary era because the biggest pro of a  solid wood bed with storage is the quality of construction .  Since  a solid wood bed is constructed using dowels, mortise and tenons, the durability and the looks are what anyone can bet on. The durability factor is another huge plus on which a client can bank on when investing on a solid wood bed. We often see eighteenth century royal solid wood beds, made of timber, sheesham or teak in ancestral houses especially in the rural parts of India. This , in itself speaks volumes of the life cycle of solid wood beds. One look at the colonial and Modern style  Sheesham Wood storage beds and you”ll be convinced .  After certain number of years, these beds can be revamped and given a much brighter look and hue than the new ones by sanding down the wood and repolishing it.

    With so much of love and passion from beginning to end, going into the construction of each solid wood bed by our master craftsmen, it’s a wonder that we do our best to ensure that the prices are consistent and our clients sleep well every single night. What sets us apart is our values and how its reflected in each masterpiece produced by us. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we have much much more in store for you.

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